We hope you have a safe journey on your way here.

Excellent access from the city. Just approx.
110 minutes from Tokyo to Tateyama by car or 120 minutes by train from Tokyo Station.
Or take a ferry from Kurihama Port.
Tateyama has many attractions—including superb natural surroundings,
historical ruins, and healing hot springs.

Wide-area Map



By Highway Bus


*A shuttle bus from Tateyama Station is available
(Reserve by day before; minimum of two people)


By Train


*A shuttle bus from Tateyama Station is available
(Reserve by day before; minimum of two people)

Sights and Things to Do


Glass-Bottom Boat Tateyama-Go

Catch a glimpse underwater of the hundreds of species of creatures that live in the sea around Tateyama. About a 15-minute drive from the hotel to the Tateyama Yuhi Sanbashi pier. (Fee required)


Tateyama Castle and Shiroyama Park

This reconstructed castle was once home to the Satomi clan, and inspiration for The Legend of the Eight Samurai Hounds, an old Japanese novel. It now doubles as the Tateyama City Museum. It is also a famous viewing spot for cherry blossoms, azaleas, and Satsuki azaleas. About a 15-minute drive from the hotel. (Fee required)


Kamogawa Sea World

Visit aquarium reproductions of river and sea ecosystems, and watch a performance of killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, and beluga whales. About a 60-minute drive from the hotel. (Fee required)



Enjoy fishing in the cove below Kazenosho or by the pier.


Tateyama Family Park

A spacious park with 10,000 poppies and flowers of the Minamiboso area. There is also an herb garden and putter golf course. About a 10-minute drive from the hotel. (Fee required)


Aloha Garden Tateyama

This Hawaiian-style park features a large greenhouse with rare tropical plants and an animal area featuring the ever-cute capybara, a giant rodent. Popular restaurants serve Hawaiian food. About a 10-minute drive from the hotel.


Boso Flower Line

Route 410, noted as one of 100 famous roads of Japan. Heading toward Shirahama a little past Sunosaki, flowers line the road on both sides, and between April and June you'll be greeted by endless wild radish flowers and beach morning glories. There are many flower-picking areas along the way. (Fee required)


Sunosaki Lighthouse

Located at the southwestern tip of Tateyama at the entrance to Tokyo Bay. Built in December 1919, it is a special landmark of Tateyama. About an 800-meter walk along a promenade from the hotel.