Story of a Hot Spring Inn by the Sea

Here in Tateyama in Minamiboso, people have always lived with the sea breeze A breeze from flowers in full bloom, a breeze from the fishing season, and a breeze to set sail—the wisdom of our ancestors still exists today. We are grateful for the signs of each seasonal change, the aroma of flowers and the tide, the sea harvests, a mild year-round climate, and the serenity that this area fosters. We want our guests to feel the pleasant breeze, gaze upon the sea and forested landscape, and take home with them special memories of their trip here. The breeze plays a large part in the scenery, which is why we named our hotel Kazenosho, which could be interpreted as "a story of the breeze." We, the Kazenosho staff, welcome you warmly to these natural surroundings to enjoy a fully relaxing stay with us.