Our Story

Kazenosho is a small inn by the sea where one can feel and smell the sea breeze,
feast one's eyes on the natural beauty of the surroundings, and gain a sense of peace.

Morning Feeding of the Black Kites

Black kites, or tombi, live in the woodlands by the Sunosaki Lighthouse, staying close for the fish brought in to the port in the mornings. The uninhabited terrain around Kazenosho is also suitable for their nests. Early each morning, numerous kites soar up from the sea to our sea balcony, riding on ascending air currents. They spread their wings and glide majestically through the air. You can see these black kites up close on the veranda. We once helped a weakened mother and her baby survive in the harsh natural conditions, and the kites have been coming ever since. Watch this feeding of the kites with your own eyes and get that much closer to the nature and breeze of Minamiboso.


You can watch the morning feeding of the black kites on the first floor (Umi-no-Veranda) . Their feeding time will vary according to the season (usually around 7:30 a.m.), so please ask the staff or at the front desk.


Between 6:00 and 8:30 a.m., in the Awase break room, we offer an after-bath free morning drink service of Boso milk and fresh juice.


 Great Photo Ops! The Creatures You'll Discover at Kazenosho

  • Black Kites

    Soaring above the fishing village sandwiched between the mountains and the sea, dozens of these birds circle high in the sky. This nonmigratory, large bird of prey is a common sight from Kyushu northward. They are 60–70cm in length, and some boast a wingspan of over 150cm. With their shrill, whinnying calls, kites rule the Sunosaki skies, soaring around majestically every day.

  • Cats

    A number of cats from the adjacent Ei-no-ura Fishing Port come into our garden area and make themselves perfectly at home. They are relaxed and friendly, and on nice days they stretch out on the terrace deck for a nap and have become favorites of inn guests.

  • Seabirds

    With its warm climate, Minamiboso is a paradise for birds and besides the black kites, you can observe many kinds of seabirds. The bush warbler and beautiful little Japanese white-eye can be heard far past spring. You can glimpse herons by the shore pecking at fish, and encounter lots of other birds that visit us at the inn.

  • Butterflies and Cicadas

    Behind Kazenosho is an intact virgin forest that stretches to the sea. There are vibrantly colored butterflies from spring to summer (photo shows a common bluebottle), cicadas in the summer, and bell crickets in the autumn, each with their unmistakable choruses. You can enjoy listening to them while soaking in the open-air bath.

Kaze no Sampomichi Walking Route

Stroll over to the lighthouse.

This coastal promenade from Kazenosho's inner garden leads you to the Sunosaki Lighthouse. We created this enjoyable strolling path in August 2011, planting many palm trees along the way, and setting up guideposts and signboards with details on Sunosaki. Listen to the sounds of the waves and the birds as you enjoy a leisurely stroll.


Sunosaki Lighthouse

This white lighthouse stands at the western tip of Tateyama looking out over Tokyo Bay. It still functions nightly to protect the entrance to the bay. As one of the most scenic spots of Tateyama, on a clear day you can see Mt. Fuji and the Izu Shichito Islands. At night the lighthouse is lit up.


Sunosaki-jinja Shrine

In addition to Awa-jinja Shrine, Sunosaki-jinja Shrine was given the highest shrine rank of ichinomiya of the former Awa Province. An ancient shrine built in 660 B.C.E., atop the 148 stairs is a grand main sanctuary surrounded by a virgin forest. It is firmly believed that the guardian deity ensures the safe delivery of babies, guarantees safe passage of marine vessels, and promotes abundant catches and large harvests.

Gifts from the Wind

Truly delicious, high-quality souvenirs selected by our proprietress.

From original Kazenosho confectioneries and amenities, to the bounty of the Boso area sea, many products can be found here that you won't find anywhere else. Shop here for gifts on your trip.

Ippe (Shop)

Many original creations and handmade items of all kinds to choose from. Find something to remind you of a great trip.

Kazenosho original cake roll「Kaze Roll」

  • The Kaze Roll is an original cake roll made through a collaboration between Kazenosho and the popular Tateyama cake shop, Kiyota Cake Factory. It is made with fresh milk and cream cheese produced in Chiba Prefecture, with plenty of eggs to create a fluffy, elegantly sweet baked cake.

    *Please be aware that these are handmade and numbers are limited.

  • Recommended by the Kazenosho staff! When you want tasty cake in Tateyama, buy it from Kiyota Cake Factory.

  • Kazekko Manju,a Kazenosho special treat

    Azuki beans from domestic product are carefully made into bean paste and wrapped in a bun lightly sweetened with Boso honey and black sugar.

  • Fuwari Daifuku, Kazenosho original Japanese confectionery

    口A soft texture mochi filled with bean paste and cream made with fresh Chiba milk

  • Iwanori Tsukudani,handmade by the chef

    Seaweed collected from the rocks along the shore of Tateyama fragrantly simmered in soy sauce and mirin. A healthy and tasty treat to dab onto rice or nibble with sake.


 The People Who Created Kazenosho

  • 河合 篤司

    Yanagi Architects

    Atsushi Kawai

    A renovation expert for creating a Japanese-style inns—ryokan. When considering capital investment for Kazenosho, he sought to make the best use of the natural environment of Sunosaki in its planning and design. Architects in great demand across Japan.

  • 黒岩 金三

    Kanemitsu Kensetsu Co., Ltd.

    Kanemitsu Kuroiwa

    Ryokan construction is never a simple proposition. One has to understand harmony and wood in order to create a comfortable inn. These guys know what they're doing! And whenever we call them to do repairs, they come right over from Gunma Prefecture bringing home-grown cabbages with them.

  • 村尾 隆之

    Syuraku-En Ltd.

    Takayuki Murao

    A gardener who runs a garden planning and design office. He creates gardens by thinking outside the box, using novel ideas and valuing consonance with the environment. The animals that live in Sunosaki relax in our playful, slightly modern garden, considering it their own.

  • 山口 勉

    Koyo Densetsu Co., Ltd.

    Tsutomu Yamaguchi

    Electrical infrastructure is essential for the daily running of a ryokan. Even a tiny problem can spoil a pleasant stay. We are thankful to have a local expert in charge. Taking into consideration the global environment, currently we're working to convert all lighting to LED.

  • 鈴木 二郎

    Awa Jutaku Setsubi Kiki Ltd.

    Jiro Susuki

    He takes care of everything related to pipes and equipment! Whenever there's a problem he comes over to take care of it in a flash. He'll quickly fix things that the Kazenosho staff could not even find—a great support behind the scenes.

  • 漁師の皆さん

    The Fishermen

    The fishermen of Banda Fishing Industry bring fresh fish every morning from their fixed nets in the sea by Kazenosho. They deliver selected fish to our kitchen, providing valuable support for the tasty seafood cuisine we serve.

  • 岡崎 英俊

    Vegetable Supply Okazaki

    Hidetoshi Okazaki

    He knows everything there is to know about vegetables grown locally in Tateyama. In every season he has the most delicious seasonal veggies available. He supports Kazenosho cuisine with color and flair. Sometimes, he also throws in beautiful flowers at no extra charge.

  • 川崎 洋平

    Izumiya Liquor Store

    Yohei Kawasaki

    Tateyama's number one young seller of alcohol, from beer and wine, to shochu spirits and sake. Whatever we request, he can get it. He suggests drinks that are good matches for the Kazenosho cuisine and introduces new products to us, providing all sorts of advice.

  • 田仲 正之

    Tanaka Woodworking Shop

    Masayuki Tanaka

    Here is a skilled woodworker who knows his way around all types of fittings and all areas of carpentry. He works carefully to ensure a pleasant stay for guests in every season. He's also getting to be a good golfer.

  • 長田 久富

    Osada Ltd.

    Hisatomi Nagata

    The best tatami mat maker in Japan! He has received the top award in tatami skills in a nationwide competition sponsored by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, and is also garnering interest overseas. He comes to repair unexpected problems on the same day, too! He is indispensable.

  • Kinpachi Shoten

    Makoto Toriyama

    Wallpapering work is more Western-style than Japanese. Yet, this fellow takes on any request with enthusiasm no matter how tough, and has made everything Japanese-style. He's currently looking for a bride!