Guest Rooms

A Room You'll Remember at Kazenosho.

Enjoy a view of the Uraga Channel from your window and feel the breeze that crosses both land and sea on your skin. Each of our 14 rooms gives you a feel for the expressions of nature throughout the day—for an endlessly fascinating inn experience. All five of your senses will be engaged at Kazenosho in creating a great experience and memories to take home.


 Great Photo Ops! Sunosaki Lighthouse―viewable from every room

  • Sunosaki Lighthouse, a symbol of this inn, is set at the westernmost tip of southern Boso Peninsula. It is a cylindrical concrete structure that stands about 15 meters tall. Its light is about 45 meters from the water and warns ships passing through Tokyo Bay of land. A historic lighthouse built in 1919, its majestic appearance can be seen from every room at Kazenosho.